NEXT EVENT 18th JAN 2020

October was another great fair, with over 130 sellers and over 700 paying general admission. Handover to the new organiser was made by announcement, and looking forward to what Nexus Toy Fair will bring in 2020!

October fair can be a tricky one, it will either conflict with Bricktober LEGO event or the Royal Show with our 2 available OCT dates, so we chose to not conflict with the Royal Show . This will most likely be the case going forward but it didn’t affect attendance rates with a total 712 paying admission.

see you in JAN!


NEXT EVENT 12th OCT 2019!

Review of 13 July

very good all round - everybody turned up and were reasonably well organised. Weather conditions were perfect - inside and out.

Buyer attendance was 844 .... a new record attendance - compared with the recent average (last 8 fairs) of 725.

I hear that the running of the cafe is going to be transferred to a private operator. I know that NEXUS is their most productive day - I suggest you give feedback next time as to the kind of service you would like - personally I think they should be up and running for business from 7:30am.